Re: [NTLK] Problems with New Proxim Orinoco Gold Card

From: Brian (
Date: Thu Jul 31 2003 - 03:45:07 PDT

>From: "Jonathan Hill" <>
> I just purchased a Proxim Gold Orinoco 802.11b card (number 8420-WD), and
>have not been able >to get my MP 2100 to recognize the card!
>Whenever I install the card, a message box appears which says "There is a
>problem with this card >(Newton can not recognize this type of card)"

Is it a 3.3V card?

I'm off to work so don't have time to check your model number, but I do
know that before I bought a second card for my 2100, I noticed that many of
the new models are 3.3V not 5V like the older cards.
I had to be careful which I chose. All combo cards (b/a or b/g or
whatever) that I saw were 3.3V for sure, and probably cardbus as well (two
whammies for Newton compatibility).

You have to use the 5V cards, Yoshi is just getting to compatibility with
3.3V and at this time to use 3.3V can kill the card and the Newton both (he
has early support for only one model 3.3V, it's mentioned on his website).
The Newton will try and send 5V to a 3.3 card and cause damage.

The card SHOULD have little boxes with checkmarks on the back for 16bit vs
cardbus and 3.3V vs 5V. You need (MUST HAVE) 5V and 16-bit (not cardbus)
for the card to work on the Newtons. If it doesn't say on the back, you
wll have to pull up detailed tech specs online or from the insert that it
shipped with.

HTH. I would not put the card in the MP again until you check the voltages
etc. If those are OK, then you are looking at a package install issue, most


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