[NTLK] [ANN] BowlingScores 0.4

From: Tom McDougal (tmcdougal_at_newted.org)
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 05:09:54 PDT

Awhile ago two people (?) asked about a program to keep score during
a bowling match. Well, here it is! My first Newton package! And it
works! :-)

BUT it is only useable on a MP2x00 in landscape mode. See the README.

Right now it is on my newted site (thanks Grant) until I figure out
how to upload it to UNNA:

Note that I am soliciting icons.

Have fun!



 From the README file:

Use this program to record and calculate bowling scores.
        Tap on a "name" to enter a player's name.
        Tap on a frame score box to enter the pins for that frame.

This program is free: my first gift to the Newton community,
especially the many generous people on the
<newtontalk_at_newtontalk.net> listserv. It will be open-source, too,
when the code is cleaned up enough not to be embarassing. :-)

I would love to get your feedback. If you use this program and like
it (or not), please send me a note at the address above. Comments and
suggestions are welcome.

I could use an icon. Any offers?

1. Only works on a 2x00 in landscape mode. If you launch it in portrait mode or
on a MP with a smaller screen, you will probably have to reset, as the
close box will be off-screen.

2. If you quit, scores are lost. There is no warning of this.

3. If you change an earlier frame, subtotals after that frame are not updated.
The total score is correct, however.

4. Limited to six lines.

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