[NTLK] override :close() method?

From: Tom McDougal (tmcdougal_at_newted.org)
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 08:16:41 PDT

Is it possible to override the :close method for a view? I was
thinking something like this:

close: func ()
      ...[do some stuff]...
      AddDelayedCall( func () inherited:?close(), nil );

But I don't think 'inherited:? is going to work right since the
statement is likely to be executed in a different context.

By the way, if I ought to be submitting such questions in another
forum, please redirect me.


P.S. Why do I want to do this? My bowling scores app doesn't save
state between quits, and I want to display a dialog when the user
taps on the close button giving the user a chance to reconsider.

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