[NTLK] Problem with Dock

From: Chris Fava (trancefusion_at_mac.com)
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 06:18:01 PDT

Yes, the error message is on my Newt. It means something about drivers. L=
ike I said in a previous post, I deleted the two ethernet drivers from my N=
ewt and reinstalled them (by using SimpleMail and putting the attached pkgs=
 in Extras) and still I have the problem connecting with Dock. I checked t=
hat in NCU I still had AppleTalk checked (as well as in my network prefs). =
 When I try to connect to another computer using Dock, it says something li=
ke "looking for other Mac computers" but never finds any. Just to reiterat=
e, NCU and ethernet worked just fine before I started playing with a WaveLa=
n Silver card, I think that messed something up.=20

I'm just slammed that only Dock wouldn't work, while SimpleMail and nSync f=
unction flawlessly. What's an alternative package installer program? I he=
ard some things about Escale?

>If I got it right, the error message is displayed on your Newt?
>So I would suggest to check the driver of your Ethernet card first and che=
>if you can find your Mac on the list displayed if you chose connect to oth=
>computer ...
>On the Mac sid eyou need to have the original extensions coming with NCU.
>They are quiet old but required to get the conection.

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> Okay, today I=B9m trying again to connect using Dock and Ethernet, and I =
> an error message right away, saying
> =B3Dock. A connection error has occurred (-61001).=B2 Once I check the e=
> code I might be able to get this little bugger workin=B9.

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