Re: [NTLK] Sleep without the switch

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Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 12:27:09 PDT

On Mardi, juin 3, 2003, at 03:12 PM, David Mills wrote:

> Community,
> Until recently I used Dashboard but only really used the shortcut=20
> script to
> put the Newt to sleep. Now I don=92t need all the features of =
> but
> wonder if there is a little app out there to do this sole purpose.=20
> What do
> people recommend so I don=92t have to trial and error with packages =
> I want something lean and mean!

well if you used dashboard maybe you are familiar with the structure of=20=

the scripts? if so you could hack up a newtscript in no time. i would=20
do it for you if i could =3D] but i can't yet

> Also, I get fed up of having to tap the caret when using HWR to do a=20=

> Return.
> Is there a shortcut I can adopt where I can scribble something to do =
> automatically and if so =96 how?

there is a builtin gesture for this. draw an backwards L [like this _|=20=

] at the point where you want the carriage return. it may take a couple=20=

tries to get it right, but you'll get it.

scotty t

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