Re: [NTLK] Dead 2100

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 20:03:08 PDT

on 29/05/03 11:24, Frank Gruendel at wrote:

>> I know, reset, hard reset, leaving the unit powerless for a couple of
> hours,
>> nothing brought it back to life. I still have my spare unit, but my
> most
>> recent backup is about a week old, so I'd like to retrieve the latest
> data
>> and bring it back to life.
> Laurent,
> although you followed all the good advice given on this list already,
> please make sure that you follow the procedure I recommend on my 2x00
> disassembly page literally, character by single character. I can provide
> you with email addresses of people who weren't able to resurrect their
> Newtons because they followed the procedure MORE OR LESS, but were
> successful when they followed it EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED.
> If that doesn't help, open the Newton, rip out the ROM board, check the
> contacts and put it back in. If this doesn't help, either, you can send
> it my way and I can have a look at it for free. It wouldn't be the first
> where I was at least able to save the data.
> Looking, and saving data, is free for list members as usual. If I can
> repair it, we might be able to work something out.
> The disassembly and reset instructions are, as usual, at
> Good luck
> Frank
> -- Newton Software and Hardware at

Hi Frank!

I was finally able to get over this last weekend. Even upon close
inspection, I couldn't find anything wrong with it. So, I proceeded to
transfer the motherboard from my other 2000 into the 2100 case and screen
and it's working now. I was dumb in thinking that switching the ROM board
would get me the additional memory of the 2100. I realized later that the
memory chips are soldered onto the motherboard, which is way above what I
can do.

Is there anyway you could retrieve those chips and put them back onto the
2000 mobo or maybe see something wrong with the 2100? I would really like to
retrieve the content. But, maybe the removal or the problem has wiped out
the content of the memory?

Let me know what options you can offer and I'll see what I do.

Thanks for your help, as always. You're still welcomed for a good beer
whenever you come to Washington. Since the NUGWASH hasn't met since a long
time, that would be a good reason to hold a meeting!


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