Re: [NTLK] Hey! I *finally* saw the eclipse on my Newt!

From: Eric L. Strobel (
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 19:16:58 PDT

somewhere near the temporal coordinates of 6/4/03 4:56 AM, the entity known
as Martin Erdner transmitted the following from

> LOL, yeah, there was a real eclipse this year, end of may
> Cause of the date you could make this an late easter egg ;-)
> Am Dienstag, 03.06.03 um 21:59 Uhr schrieb David Howard:
>> I got this too, is it an egg? Was there also a real eclipse?

Yes, on the last day of May there was an annular eclipse that started near
the UK, swept "backwards" (compared to a normal eclipse) across Iceland and
Greenland, over the pole and (IIRC) down near Alaska somewhere. You could
check out Sky & Telescope or Astronomy magazine web sites for the full

The neat thing is that the animation of the eclipse on the Newt looked to be
fairly accurate. That is, it depicted an annular eclipse that seemed to be
the right amount of annularity (if that's the right word).

- Eric.

Eric Strobel (fyzycyst_at_NOSPAM^
I'm always forgetting that I have short term memory loss...
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