[NTLK] NewtSync / iCal glitches

From: Michael Blazer (m.blazer_at_utoronto.ca)
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 19:25:33 PDT

I'm having two little problems synching dates with NewtSync v.0.3k:

1. All meeting times in iCal are shifted an hour later than on the Newton;

2. As far as I can tell, no repeating meetings or events are being synched
at all.

It appears from the release notes that both of these issues were fixed a
while back, hence my puzzlement.

I have the conflict resolution prefs set to always prefer the Newton entry,
if that makes any difference. I haven't tried entering any info directly
into iCal.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

At the risk of losing focus here, can I sneak in a couple of other

1. Is there any way to leave NewtSync running in "listening" mode so you
can always sync from the Newton without having to run over to the Mac and
push the "Synchronize" button?

2. How do you access NewtSync's "hidden prefs"? (referred to, e.g., in the
release notes to version 0.3f)


[somewhat OT] BTW, I notice iCal has a pref where you can choose either a
5-day or 7-day week. I'm hoping that future versions will add the 8-day
week option - I bet a lot of people could really use that extra day. (But I
guess that feature is being held back due to potential legal issues with
Apple Records.)

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