[NTLK] Escale! Wow!

From: Martin Joseph (martyNT_at_barknaturalpet.com)
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 01:10:25 PDT


I finally got around to downloading Escale for OSX.

The app looks really great. Very minimal, but perfectly rich looking.
Good job on the icons/graphics.

I was kind of bumming out thinking about the fact that I had no way to
hook my MP2100 to my PBG4, but I figured I would play around with the
wireless thing.

I am seriously amazed. Without adding any software to my Newton, I
used the regular old dock via Appletalk option, and amazingly this

Of course I have an airport card in the PBG4 also, and it was set to
handle appletalk.

Still this is quite an achievement.

Thanks to all who contributed to this, and I look forward to it getting
even better! Guess I won't need Newten anymore!

Man you guys rock!!


PS the use keyboard option is v e r y s l o w.

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