Re: [NTLK] I'm angry now [again]

From: Raj Patel (
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 04:10:49 PDT


>Obviously people care about
>PDA's, however I do not care enough to pay an extortionate price, unlike
>others who have bought iPaq's for well over half a grand (1 grand =1,000

Then again thats how much the Newt was when it came out - it could be
argued that a large
part of the Newts ongoing success is that its picked up by enthusiasts
cheaply 2nd hand or
from ebay - the Newt when it first came out was something I would have
loved but could never
have afforded (as a student even the lowly original Palm was a bit
pricey). Now its dead a
Newt can be picked up for a fraction of the original cost.

Even if Apple resurrected the Newt as a Super iPod its still going to be
priced out of reach
of the average consumer (unlike the cheapo Palm Zire) ditto a Mac Tablet.
Unless they
pitch it as a loss-leader to grab market share (like the xbox) - I'm not
sure Apple can afford
to have Investors see them hemorrhage money on something like that no
matter how cool it is.

Palm is in trouble and Sony is destroying them on the hardware innovation
front - the same
could be said for cellphone manufacturers edging into the PDA market. For
Apple to create
a PDA in this environment (unless it was absolutely spectacular and priced
right) would be
commercial suicide.

All IMHO of course :-)


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