Re: [NTLK] MyRemote etc.

From: E. Male (
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 10:32:36 PDT

I use SonyRemote and it works great with my tape deck and receiver. I've
also toyed with TVPad as well. MyRemote works quite well with all the units
I have....

>From: "Gregory J. Wayman" <>
>Subject: [NTLK] MyRemote etc.
>Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 10:14:56 -0700
>Has anyone toyed with MyRemote pkg from Sarofax? Or any of the pkgs that
>allow you to use your Newt for a remote control? What are the others
>-Couchfire and one other?
>Are they compatible with todays equipment? Any experiances?
>TIA, Greg
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This is the NewtonTalk list - for all inquiries
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Official Newton FAQ:

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