[NTLK] less angry

From: David Getzin (dgetzin_at_mac.com)
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 16:40:12 PDT

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all the kind replies.

With time for reflection now the bile has receded from the back of my
throat and I realize I am pretty damn well off with a newton. I'm glad
it was created in the first place.

I have been shopping around for cell phones. My name imperative is
that it synchronizes through iSync to the iBook with BlueTooth and
serves as a wireless modem through BlueTooth to the laptop, and through
its infrared port to the Newton.

I was wondering if anyone here can provide testimonials for using TCP
IP through infrared for e-mail and Internet access. Does it work well,
how nice is the interface, will it work with any infrared enabled

for cell phones, my chief candidate at the moment is the Siemens S 56.


the phone I'm looking at, linked above just came out. It is a GSM only
phone. It's great battery life because of that, and it is very small
which I like. It has Blue tooth and infrared. I'm not sure what the
details are on the possible data cables for it. I hope to use TCP over
infrared, but hooking it up to a modem would also work, right?

My basic main question is, can I use the Siemens S 56 for Internet
access on the Newton, how, and what is the best way to connect?


David Getzin

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