[NTLK] LOCALTALK and ethernet drivers.

From: Joshua K Braddock (joshua.braddock_at_sendit.nodak.edu)
Date: Sat Jun 07 2003 - 00:32:39 PDT

I was wondering, since i got so many replies from the last localtalk msg ;-)
if anyone would help me setup my IP addy for my LC II for my bridge.. i
obviously am not doing it right.. Also, does anyone know if there is a driver
for XIRCOM ce3b-100btx PCMCIA in MAC Os? I stick the card in the slot, and it
recognizes it as a 10/100 card, but it doesnt have the drivers.. Thanks in
advanced. :-) Josh

BTW, i have a 1 complete emate and 2 parts emates forsale. the 2 parts are
missing the video cables though cause i sold them. Also, i just got a PB
5300CS to go with my other emate :-)

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