[NTLK] Outlook duplicates

From: Tony Kan (tony.kan_at_clear.net.nz)
Date: Sat Jun 07 2003 - 22:13:45 PDT

I synchronise my Newton with Outlook 2000 on a Windows 2000 machine. I
managed to get Lookout 1.1 to work well. Although the very first
synchronisation was very slow, it has worked reliably in the sons.
On the desktop and, Lookout seems to perform at a reasonable speed, however
at the Newton end, the process can be quite slow even though there are very
few (10-20) tasks, appointments or contacts to synchronise. On the other
hand, once the process has been completed I have found that the
synchronisation and merging of various records has been quite good. My
"quite good", I mean that the "right" record has been kept and the "wrong"
one deleted.

Notwithstanding that, after several synchronisations duplicate records began
to appear. This appears to be a common problem for all PDA users of
whatever platform. I have recently found a very good freeware tool that
seems to remove duplicate tasks, appointments and contacts.


Some people may object to the fact that the developer requires users to
submit their e-mail addresses before they can download the software.


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106 Panorama Rd
New Zealand
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