[NTLK] InPath barcore reader - fun!

From: Victor Rehorst (victor_at_newtontalk.net)
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 19:09:14 PDT

Hey all, I just got my very own InPath barcode scanner for my Newt. It's
probably the #1 accessory I've wanted since I first heard that they existed.
(Thanks, Ronnie! Hope the BurroPak has arrived).

Anyways, I know that some other people were having some trouble getting them
to work. I can see the codes that mine outputs by doing the following:

-Install PT100 (from http://www.unna.org/unna/internet/)
-Plug in the barcode wand
-In PT100, create a direct serial connection with these specs: 9600bps, 8
data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, hardware flow control
-Open the connection
-Scan something! You should be able to see a little red light coming out of
the end of the scanner when it is on, and the light on the wand will flash
green on a successful scan. You should also see the text value of the barcode
in the PT100 window

I hope to be cooking up a generic keyboard-like driver for this thing soon.
Maybe my dream of having a grocery list built for me automatically isn't that
far off...

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