[NTLK] Parts Newton - almost perfect....

From: Blair Rosser (newton_at_7thfloormedia.com)
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 12:32:40 PDT

Hello all. Long time lurker, occasional poster.

Thanks to a great search tip from Frank, I was able to find and purchase a
parts Newton on Ebay for about $20US.

As I suspected, the unit started up fine when I got the package. The only
thing wrong with it is a fine line runnning down the center of the screen.
This line distorts anything that displays over top of it, but oddly, a black
border in a dialog box displays okay.

Has anybody had a problem like this? I'll probably be opening the spare up
to take a look around, but wanted to get a sense of whether this might be
fixable by fiddling with cables, etc.


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