[NTLK] Custom Case Update

From: magicpenguin_at_torpedobird.com
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 15:59:00 PDT

Regarding the poll, I have found at least 4-5 interested individuals,
of which most would prefer an Ice model. Now I hadn't thought Of the
ice model as much as the tang and bondi, so I do not have a very rough
illustrator sketch done yet. However, to see the tang and bondi ones,
head to the following:
(I am messing with virtual hosting on my apache server, so if it
doesn't work, just make a quick note aboot it)

As to alternative designs through user submission. I am open to
suggestions, but do not assume I will use them. If you wish to design
your own case, feel free to do so and drop me a sketch, idea, etc. I
have heard several good Ideas, including moving the battery location as
well as having a built in stand. I like these, and I'm sure several
others have their opinions as well, but for now, unless someone gives
me a solid design, I'm afraid I can't spend too much time on it.
I will post more later, I gotta run for now. Thanks to all the input so

~The Penguin
Ben Wojtyna
AIM: thinkpenguin
(That was my personal touch! ;) )

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