Re: [NTLK] [Poll] Custom Newt Case

From: Manuel Probsthain (
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 11:26:44 PDT

Eckhart Köppen wrote:

>- no screen lid, no other movable parts
Not so very good, think of the OMPs, maybe a slide off cover that
doesn't leave such an empty space on the side if removed from the device.
Maybe possible to attach (slide) it to the back.

>- rearrange the batteries to be to the side of the screen in a row,
>integrate the battery tray into the case
The design of the newt was made with serveral ergonomic aspects in mind,
as its designed to be hold vertically with the battery compartment down.
This improves handling because the newt is much heavier at the bottom
and could therefore be held more comfortable.
To move the batteries to the side of the screen and into the case would
also require several changes to the motherboard. The charging
electronics (temperature measurement etc.) had to be integrated too.

This seems quite impossible for the average user who is eventually able
to replace the display.
I.e. I would be able to do this mod but would not consider doing it
because of the high prices for replacement parts (esp. here in Germany)
if something goes wrong.

Time for Apple to put the entire Newton OS and hardware under opensource
so that we could finish some aspects.
Support for color, lithium ion batteries, ATA and other kinds of
hardware is already there, waiting to be integrated into some new type
of Newton device...


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