[NTLK] Will be selling off lots of eMate/Newton stuff

From: Glenn Roe (myhome_at_cwnet.com)
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 22:50:38 PDT

Hi Gang,

After more than 5 years of using Newtons & eMates in our business we are
moving on to iBooks for our employees and will be selling all out
eMates, but I'm not sure about the MP2100s. I think the employees using
them want to buy them from us themselves. I have a great deal of
"stuff," from a pile of broken eMates to HP340 irda printers and even a
Stylewriter 2200 printer with the battery attachment.

I would love to sell all the eMates as a batch. There will be at least
two eMates in working condition, but the others (7 or 8 I think) suffer
from some form of the screen/ribbon problem. Many of them have
the much sought after upgrade installed. I also have many extras that I
will detail later.
Those include flash cards (6 - 32mb), a 56K modem card, and an ethernet
card, along with lots of other dongles, pens, etc. If anyone on the list
is interested in buying the whole lot or a major part of it please email
me directly. All reasonable offers will be considered. I would really
feel better if all this stuff went to a Newton Loving Home instead of
just going out to the highest bidder on eBay.

Glenn Roe

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