[NTLK] a spate of questions...

From: eric engle (engleerica_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 01:38:47 PDT

I have found a newton package with the ascii--hex
equivalents; but the text is too small! Is there
anyway to disassemble a package?

Also are there any decent hex-ascii calculator
converters? What I would like is a converter that lets
me write in ascii and automatically converts the
string (ideally for copying to the clipboard). If no
such package exists and someone knows/has a
newtonscript that would to it (character to ascii
functions are pretty standard) then that would be a
good solution too because I have NTK.

Is there anyway to make a newtonbook not using unicode
but using ascii? I would like to do that to make
smaller newtonbooks.

In exchange I'm willing to make newtonbooks. Tell me a
topic that interests you and I will find a text and
make a book.

Related: I was looking for the hexdump desktop client
(hexdump is in the public domain). Someone said they
would send me a copy if I wrote them off list - I did
but no reply. If anyone has a hexdump desktop client
that would be really good.

There is a desktop.pkg that lets you supposedly route
from the desktop to a terminal emulator - though I've
had no luck getting it to work. I think it was by
Stephen Millman.

Thanks for any help!

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