[NTLK] Modem help

From: David Mills (solidsilver_at_ntlworld.com)
Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 04:18:34 PDT

Hello all,
I recently bought an IBM Data/Fax modem off a list member. Now herešs what I
want to do but canšt figure out how to set up (yes I have searched but too
many links are dead):

I have broadband at home but when I am on the road need to connect to my ISP
to send & retrieve email. I have poked around setting up a different
worksite for these details but nowhere allows me to enter my ISP dial up
number and store it and the other info. I am sure I am missing something
basic but need pointing in the right direction because at the moment I am

Perhaps a list member can help.

Thanks in advance.

David Mills

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