[NTLK] NPDS using Serial?

From: Matt Binkowski (matt_at_mattbinkowski.com)
Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 07:36:13 PDT


I was trying to install the NPDS and came across a few things. Is it
possible to run this using a serial/keyspan connection to your mac?
also, when i tried running NPDS, the connection screen (when you click
start) suggests that I don't have the NPDS Setup app installed. I'm
also assuming that once those 2 things are resolved, the app won't then
hang on the PPP connection.

Finally, would someone here please write a simple standalone app that
lets you take screenshots of your newton without having to make it a
server or run the toolkit in os 9? Even though I'm interesting in
trying out the NPDS, it seems like a really long way to go for


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