[NTLK] Nitro + T39 + Mp2x00 was Re: MP130-Ericsson T39

From: Till (till_k_at_gmx.net)
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 00:54:44 PDT

>I have a T39 too. Has anyone successfully used the IrDA modem for T39
>Ericsson Phone with MP2x00?

I have been successful with a R520 (which is more or less the same as
a T39 except for the display and the casing). So far it works with
PPP over GSM but not with PPP over GPRS. If anyone gets the latter to
work, hints would be much appreciated.

Install Nitro on the MP2x00. Enter the user name, password, DNS, and
domain in the NIE setup and use this or a similar login script:
Pause 3
ATD12345 (replace 12345 with the phone number of your provider)
Pause 5

AT+CBST means "select Bearer Service Type"
71 sets the data rate to 9600 baud V.110 ISDN
0 is name="asynchronous connection (UDI or 3.1 kHz modem)" - default setting
1 is connection element="non-transparent" - default setting

Also see
for more information.


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