Re: [NTLK] <ot>MacOS on iPaq?

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 06:14:22 PDT

Quoting eric engle <>:

> Can anyone tell me whether the iPaq or Zaurus is a
> better PDA? I keep hoping apple will release a PDA
> "next quarter" - and its been a year now... I'm
> thinking of this because I would like to run MacOS
> under basilisk.

Apple isn't going to release another PDA. Don't hold your breath.

I have tried out the Zaurus SL-5500 (my father owns one), and IMHO it follows
the computer-type paradigm too closely to be compared to the Newton. It has
some nice features, but once you've used the Newton, you might find that
having to tap File-->Save on a Zaurus or iPaq a foreign concept, when the
Newton automatically remembers everything you enter. Among other things, like
HWR not being ubiquitous across the OS.

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