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From: Anthony Velasco (
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 07:04:18 PDT

If you have the money to burn, give it a go. Most people aren't
satisfied until they have seen and tried it for themselves. I've seen
list members sell their Newton to make the switch, then come back
(somewhat humbled) a year or so later.

Last fall I picked up an iPaq (39XX) with some grant money. The thing is
used pretty much only for keeping some of my dataloggers functioning
because that's the best thing it does for me. It can't replace the Newt
- there's much more that a Newton does better than any single unit
available today. And, these other units aren't appreciably faster - that
is what many folks are lured by, that and the bright colorful screens...
reminds me of picking out fishing lures, which is of course the intent
of the PDA companies..."caught another sucker" they say.=20

Keep tuned into the list, whether you make the purchase or not. If you
see a feature that you like on one of these newer, more flashy PDA's,
talk about it. Chances are that it was available for the Newton first,
as these other companies are still playing catch-up. If it's new to the
Newt, and worthwhile, one of our resident developers will likely put
something together.

Good luck!

  Anthony Velasco, USFWS-Ecologist/ecotoxicologist


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Can anyone tell me whether the iPaq or Zaurus is a
better PDA? I keep hoping apple will release a PDA
"next quarter" - and its been a year now... I'm
thinking of this because I would like to run MacOS
under basilisk.

If apple did release a PDA and I got some other PDA I
would feel really really lame...

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