[NTLK] Re+ New Apple Filing: Newton Patent!

From: Jeff Knee (jeffknee_at_capturimage.com)
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 09:01:05 PDT

It:s possible Apple may use the Newton OS for a super-iPod marketed to
the music club DJ crowd. I read somewhere they were working on this. A
standard iPod may be too small for a DJ, who like to run 2 turntables --
or harddrives-- simultaneously. A larger iPod may very well have
multi-persona logins, one for each club venue or music style night to
play from prepared play lists. Plus throw in WiFi, etc, and the current
iPod becomes too small. Its easy to see why the Newton OS would be
ideal, then-- it already allows multiple memory cards -- then
harddrives-- and a little DJ software added with virtual spinning disks
on the screen complete with track labeling etc. And voila, the Super
orig message--

More grist for the rumor mill:

The Devil's Advocate
by John Kheit


A recent patent filing by Apple is discussed:

"Apple Files For New Multiple "Persona" Patent For Use In PDA's"

Let the games begin........



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