Re: [NTLK] Lip Sync

From: Seth Hollander (
Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 18:17:03 PDT

I tried the demo of Lip Sync, and my experiences have been good (Lip
Sync is a conduit that runs between Lotus Notes on the Mac and
iSync/iCal). It solved one significant problem for me, and that may
say a lot for the program.

You may recall that I was able to get Cadenza to work with my PC Lotus
Notes installation, but it missed my data because it resides on a
different form in Notes. My work calendar is populated (some of you
may want to open a vein right about now) by replicating a separate
Lotus Notes database into the calendar, but it's replicating a form
called "Event" when many sync tools are looking for a form called
"Appointment." This problem was not limited to Cadenza; Intellisync
missed the data, as well as another common PC sync app whose name
escapes me. There was one program that worked, and it syncs to Palm
and Pocket PC. So I was thinking about using a Palm as a conduit.

Anyway, when I read about Lip Sync, I had to try it. So far, it has
succeeded taking my data from Notes into iCal. That's all I've done
with it at this point. But I'm clearly one giant step closer to where
I need to be. I need two more pieces to fall into place - I need to
convince my IT people to let me replicate my calendar database using
the internet, and I need NewtSync.

So there you have it; a positive initial impression. I don't know how
many Notes users are out there, but if you're interested in the
program, it looks like they're running a special through the end of the
month to promote the 2.0 version ($29 vs. $45). I would assume that
even if you've got Cadenza working, you might be interested in this
because while people were able to get Cadenza to work with Notes 5,
each new rev of Notes creates a risk.


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