[NTLK] 802.11b on an SMC router?

From: Michael (i36835_at_bestweb.net)
Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 15:22:03 PDT

I've been trying to get my Newton (2000u) to connect to my 802.11b network.
I installed the WaveLan drivers, and used my Dell TrueMobile 1150 PC Card
(which the WL driver's site says is supported), but the Newton couldn't
recognize it. The exact message being "There is a problem with this card.
(Newton cannot recognize this type of card.)"
Any ideas why? Is there something I just don't understand? (I am relatively
new to Newton-- see, the community is expanding...)
Another (related) question. My router is an SMC (7004AWBR, if anyone cares).
Does that matter, because I've only really seen the WaveLan driver mentioned
as working with an AirPort router, which I don't have.

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