[NTLK] NCU replacements for Windows?

From: Michael (i36835_at_bestweb.net)
Date: Sat Jun 21 2003 - 17:48:38 PDT

OK, I'm really sick of NCU. When I was reinstalling Newton Internet Enabler,
NCU picked up a pesky little habit of canceling the package transfer in the
middle of installation. I had to go as far as hard resetting my Newton just
to get it installed, and then restoring my data from a storage card. Of
course that's not the first time it's done that, and it probably won't be
the last. And while there may be a well known workaround, my point is NCU's
general instability. I also have to use LookOut to sync with MS Outlook,
which is a pain.
I'd love to get rid of NCU, but unfortunately I'm a Windows user, so I can't
use Escale (at least until a Win version of that comes out), or any of the
other Newton sync programs that I know of. So my question is, is there any
way to sync my Newton, install packages, etc., without using NCU on Windows?
And by the way, although I do use Windows and Outlook, I'm not a complete
MS-head: my browser is Mozilla Firebird, and I actually did buy an iBook
last year, but ended up returning it for a number of reasons...

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