[NTLK] One goes up, the other goes down...

From: Victor Rehorst (victor_at_newtontalk.net)
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 10:11:33 PDT

Friday was good as UNNA gained another mirror site. Woo!

Saturday was good as I went to a really great concert :)

Sunday was bad because I found out I had been hacked :(

Due to some stupid design on my part in the UNNA file upload mechanism, some
skript kiddiez compromised toronto.unna.org/misato.chuma.org on Saturday
evening. As soon as I discovered the breach, I took the machine down.

Since I don't want to have to go through this again, it's likely that toronto
won't be serving UNNA when it comes back up. More details to come.

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