Re: [NTLK] Phoenix ala Newton? (rumor alert)

From: Mark Bock (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 12:23:09 PDT

>Now it might be because I'm one-third through the new Harry Potter, but
>the name of this thread inspired me.
>What if we founded the Order of the Newton? It's goal could be to stand
>united against the evil forces of Bill Voldemort Gates...

Hehheh, I'm all for it. I was glued to the book all weekend, finished
it last night. It was really good.


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mark bock
"A youth who can't hit a cathedral at thirty yards with a Gatling gun in
three-quarters of an hour, can take up an old empty musket and bag his
grandmother every time, at a hundred."          --Mark Twain
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