[NTLK] re Works

From: lvr (lvrooy_at_iafrica.com)
Date: Tue Jun 24 2003 - 05:11:49 PDT

From Laurent on 23jun03:
-- I would try to retrieve the NewtonWorks entry in the system
--soup that keeps the Works preferences and I would delete it. You need a soup
--editor to do that, like Software Bureau Mueller 'Utilities'.

Does SAI Prefs Cleaner do the same? Tried it; could only find the
WorksBetter prefs. which I deleted (package delete d long ago).

From Jim Staub on same day:
--Error code 48409 means "expected a path expression (or a symbol or
--integer)". If that's any help.

No it isn't ; (
Thanks in any case. Couldn't locate the err. codes on TON.


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