Re: [NTLK] InsertTabletSample, Inker stuff

From: Jim Witte (
Date: Tue Jun 24 2003 - 11:03:07 PDT


   Do you have any info on how to use the InsertTabletSample NS function
from C++, or info on how any of TInker or the TJournal classes work?
That's my next point of attack, after getting a few more QD functions
working. My general impression looking through (although not *too*
thouroughly) the list of classes is that the hierarchy of the
tablet/application/screen interaction goes something like this in order
from lowest-level to highest-level and then back again:

(TJournal - maybe)
   (TStroke - either here or after points are passed to
TInterpreter and others...
TQDLibraryDriver (which is empty, don't know how/if they use it then)
(?? maybe something even lower to access the screen hardware)

   There's also a TRecognitionList class in there that does something.

   Has there been any further work on NewtVNC? I noticed that the ATT
page on VNC seems to have disappeared (or moved, but I'm more inclined
to think disappeared given what I've read about Bell Labs troubles)

Jim Witte (will have stuff on it

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