Re: [NTLK] DCL (Escale, Delivery) News

From: John Skinner (
Date: Wed Jun 25 2003 - 01:36:26 PDT

On 6/24/03 12:28 PM, "Paul Guyot" <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have some DCL news for you.
> Our representative at the WWDC (sounds neat, doesn't it?

I'm glad that someone there knows you guys are still actively developing for
the Newton!

> MacOS X native AppleTalk stack cannot decode them
> properly while Classic stack does. And if you run tcpdump, the bits
> that confuse the AppleTalk stack are somewhat dropped (I mainly
> repeat what Nicolas told me, I don't have much more details), so
> mysteriously, the Newton can connect.

So just running the program makes the Newton connect? Wow!

> It seems that this only affects ADSP packets. NBP packets are fine
> (indeed, the Mac appears in the AppleTalk Name Browser on the
> Newton), and I guess PAP as well, otherwise, Apple would have got
> complaints from anyone who prints via AppleTalk).

Great news! (well,.. sort of. Now that you know what it causing it.)

I knew it was that damn ADSP!

I have been having related issues with one of my Newton-->AirPort 1st
generation-->Mac OS 9.2.2 connections, but I think it is related to
conflicts/incompatibilities with the versions of extensions from NCU,
AppleScript 1.8.3. And 9.2.2

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