Re: [NTLK] Has J&K sales given up on Ebay?

From: Dylan Stewart (
Date: Wed Jun 25 2003 - 19:06:48 PDT

Their site loads just fine for me. I'm using Windows NT 5.1 and Phoenix 0.5
build 20030304. It should work on any Mozilla 1.3b and later. I have
JavaScript all but disabled because it does nothing but annoy me most of the
time. I also don't have Flash installed on this browser.

On a side note, due to Phoenix's pop-up protection and my HUGE hosts file
(110 kB, but there are some repeated entries), I haven't seen a single
unwanted pop-up for several months. I had to use AOL on a friend's computer
a little while ago and I was truly astounded at the sheer number of pop-ups
that he got. I asked him how he could stand that many and he told me that
that was about average for him.

Back on topic. I haven't done any business with J&K, but I haven't seen an
eBay auctions with their name on it for quite some time.

 Dylan Stewart AC5ZH

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