Re: [NTLK] [OT] Ramblings (was Fodor's Major cities on pcmcia for Newton)

From: Compte Free de Gégé (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 15:13:19 PDT

>> I have a lot of old Mac stuff in this category, but my wife is
>> constantly wanting me to chuck them. (Aren't any of you married?)

Married with children...
I'll give you my secret : there are 60 km from sweet home to the "safe"
junk storage area. Brings bitching to an incredibly low level. Not that
the wardrobe isn't twice full, but you know, you can't fight back on
this subject...

> Oh yes, I know the pain... I just moved and had to get rid of:
> But I didn't really need any of that stuff anymore. Newton stuff, on
> the
> other hand... I mean c'mon, it's not that big! Newton stuff is small!
> Easy
> to ship! If you've got Newton stuff you don't want, send it to me,
> I'll make
> sure it finds a good home. Seriously.

True, I only have small items (calculator collector).
The problem is, there are several truckloads of these.

BTW, isn't this OT ?

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