[NTLK] MusicPad and associated MIDI software

From: Andre Duszynski (andre.duszynski_at_adelaide.edu.au)
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 17:47:08 PDT

Hello All,

After finally realising the dream of upgrading from an old MP120 to a
MP2000 (its taken about 6 years), i'd like to get back into determining
whether the MP could be a valid music compositional tool.

The first step is getting MusicPad into this device which I had noticed
within the archive was available in its non-crippled demo state; could I
therefore make a request for this software - i'm at

Additionally is anyone programming via NewtonScript MIDI utilities, I
started some years ago to program a control interface with faders which
outputted MIDI streams to control synths; anybody else doing this, i'd
love to get a collaboration happening.


Andre Duszynski.

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