[NTLK] Outline/Checklist Tip?!

From: Daedalus (daedalus_at_digitalinkwell.net)
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 20:35:03 PDT

For any of you out there who use the built-in Notes software on the
MessagePad 2x00s, I'm wondering if this is an undocumented tip I've found.

When connected to a keyboard, there is a way to create new bullets in
outlines and checklists, and to make new bullets at higher and lower levels.

1. Pressing the "Apple" and "plus" keys creates a new bullet at the same
level as the previous bullet.

2. Pressing the "Apple" and ] keys creates a new, indented bullet.

3. Pressing the "Apple" and [ keys creates a new, reverse-indented bullet.

I had just always been frustrated trying to quickly make checklists while
using the keyboard until I found these key combos. Things are much
quicker now.

Is this common knowledge? Is there an easier way to do this (without
using the stylus) that I'm unaware of?


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