[NTLK] New found features (was: clipboard ?)

From: Doug Parker (doug_at_ispinn.com)
Date: Fri Jun 27 2003 - 10:38:52 PDT

I used my Newt for years before discovering that the toolbar's UNDO was
available all the time.

I even surprised myself the other day when an error slip showed up for
something and for grins I clicked the overview button--and I got a list of
previous message slips.

Doug Parker
Orlando FL USA

>I LOVE learning something new about my newton everyday. one of
>those things always wondered about but never asked....thanx for
>the tip.


>>"Murray, Tom" <TMurray_at_usequities.com> wrote:

>>Yes, highlight it (select), double-tap (hold on the second tap)
>>and drag it to the side. This is a copy not a move.

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