[NTLK] Rtf to Newton 1.*

From: Tuomas Rosberg (trosberg_at_mail.htk.fi)
Date: Fri Jun 27 2003 - 12:48:16 PDT

Someone asked if it was possible to import styled text files to Newton=20=

for later reading, in other formats than Newton book. There was=20
discussion about rich text format (rtf). A consensus was, that Newton=20
2.1 devices with Newton Works accept different formats via NCU + Claris=20=

Extended System Translators. This includes styled text from rtf files.=20=

AvailWorks was mentioned as a word processor for Newton 1.*.

 =46rom the closet I took Sharp Expert Pad (Newton 1.0 software), and=20
installed Newton Connection 2.0 (for Macintosh System 7.* & Newton 1.*)=20=

on Mac OS 8.6. I imported some rtf files into Notepad. Newton=20
Connection used the Claris Extended System Translator, then said=20
"converting to native format".

What came through was font size, font style (sans serif became Simple,=20=

serif became Fancy). No align center or right, no indent. The=20
conversion lost a couple of carriage returns, while the majority of=20
them came right. Not very well done, Apple hurried too much in 1993-94.

Newton Connection 2.0 is very nice though. User can browse, search and=20=

edit backups on Mac and then synchronize again. Some times I have had a=20=

NCU backup file on Mac, which I know to have data I was looking for.=20
Then connect the MP 2100, NCU and do a tedious export of one record.

FYI, and have a nice summer, if you are living on the northern=20
Tuomas Rosberg

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