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From: Anthony Velasco (
Date: Sat Jun 28 2003 - 07:35:31 PDT

The condition seems to have mysteriously disappeared! Has anyone heard
of eMate's capability to repair themselves? =20

Actually, you might be right in your assessment, Robert. I think it was
some liquid flux that I couldn't blot off between the newly repaired
traces. I think it finally dried, because the jaggies problem has not
returned for the last two days of testing and retesting this unit. I'm
glad I didn't need to open the eMate _again_ to inspect and re-verify

However...I have since repaired another eMate cable and noticed the
following: if the flux is not wiped off, it will conduct (or bridge the
connection). I've been wiping the flux off with a damp sponge and
testing with a multimeter, and then watched the ohmmeter peak and
steadily drop to zero whilst the repaired traces were drying.=20

HINTS: I've been using liquid flux on these cable repairs because it
makes the process SO much easier. Also, I couldn't be doing these
repairs without a low magnification stereo-dissecting scope - tried the
10X magnifying glass, but it was too difficult to fumble with.=20

Thanks for the suggestion Robert. So, jaggies can be caused be bridged
display cable connections too? I don't know that I've seen a
comprehensive list of known jaggies causes. But, I think we can add this
one to the list.

  Anthony Velasco, USFWS-Ecologist/ecotoxicologist


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Anthony Velasco wrote:
> Has anyone on the list encountered jaggies on an eMate?

Never before, but could it be that while you repairing the cable you=20
made a cross connection?

Robert Benschop

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