[NTLK] MP 120 available

From: Paul Braun (splendor_at_ctgonline.org)
Date: Sat Jun 28 2003 - 11:53:12 PDT

The surplus place I hang out at (it's two nights a week and
Saturdays, so technically it's more than just "hanging out....") Just
got a MP120 with the charging cradle in a boxfull of stuff from the
one recycler we deal with.

The nicad pack is dead, but I put 4 AA's in and it boots just fine.
Cradle works as well -- I used my AC adapter from my MP100 and
everything lit up like it's supposed to.

Newt is clean, screen is 99% scratch-free (one tiny little mark in
the menu bar), door is fine with no broken hinges. This thing looks
practically new.

My friend who owns the place would like to get $40 out of it. If
you're interested, email me offlist and I'll pass it along.


Paul Braun WD9GCO
2102 Yorktowne Dr
Valparaiso, IN 46383

"A computer without a Microsoft operating system is like a dog
without a bunch of bricks tied to its head."

Quote from Microsoft Programmers' Guide: "If it ain't broke,
it needs more 'features'."

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