From: Brian (
Date: Sun Jun 29 2003 - 09:28:21 PDT

I agree, and if you get or build the external pack for AAs (holds what 6
AA?) you can listen to streaming radio feeds for hours without running out
of juice. Someone posted here that they did that at work, since radio
reception was poor but they had 802.11b. WIFI is pretty workable on the

But using the power saving mode of the wireless card is certainly sensible.


>It's not *that* bad. I have an Ornico Silver card. I can fire it up showing
> 50
>emails, then it shows 99%, disconnect, read offline at your leisure, no

>> If it sucks batteries then is there a way to power up the card check
>> email then go off line so to speak. then check again later.
>> also what are the range of practical uses r things one might use it for.

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