[NTLK] AC adapter without battery-- should it work?

From: Scott Girard (sgirard_at_bigsea.com)
Date: Sun Jun 29 2003 - 12:34:32 PDT


I have an upgraded Newton 2100.

If I remove the rechargeable battery pack from my Newton while the
Newton is plugged into the AC adapter, the Newton loses all power and I
get a message like "The newton device was restarted because the battery
was dead." (when I replace the battery and turn the Newton back on).

Likewise, if I try to turn the Newton on without the battery pack
installed but with the AC adapter connected, I cannot get the Newton to
turn on.

Is it not possible to run the Newton using the AC adapter only without
a battery installed? Or will the Newton only work if a battery or
battery tray is in the device?

Thanks, Scott Girard


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