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From: Eckhart Köppen (
Date: Sun Jun 29 2003 - 22:01:51 PDT

On Sun, 29 Jun 2003 22:51:39 +0200, Robert Benschop wrote:
> Eckhart K=F6ppen wrote:
>> =
> T24gRnJpLCAyNyBKdW4gMjAwMyAyMzo0MCAtMDUwMCwgRGF2aWQgR2V0emluIHdyb3RlOg0=20=

Sorry, seems that I had one funny character in there that screwed this
up... this is what I meant to say:

I'm doing all testing with a 3650 and use it with SimpleMail,
Newtscape, Nethopper and Raissa. The setup on the Newton side is
straightforward, you can follow the instructions on the Nitro page
(make sure you install the patched NIE module!).

My settings are:
- serial connection
- protocol: PPP
- configurarion: server
- user name and password as specified by the operator (might not be
necessary for T-Mobile US)
- primary and secondary DNS server as specified by the operator (other
public DNS servers might work as well)
- no domain name
- login script: "ATDT*99#, send newline, wait for CONNECT". This is for
Replace the *99# with your ISP's number if you want to use data over
GSM and connect to a regular modem on the other side

If you want to use GPRS, you might have to specify what's called an
access point in the phone settings. Set Settings/Connection/GRPS/Access
Point to whatever your operator tells you (might be for T-Mobile US, but I'm not sure. Try first
leaving this blank).


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