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Date: Mon Nov 01 2004 - 01:18:01 PST

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>in my humble opinion, Craig, this kind of attitude just makes things

>i've subscribed to two other mac-oriented mailing lists since the year
>2000. they are very populated lists, and their members have very
>different levels and areas of expertise.

That's your opinin, and you're welcome to it, friend.

I don't believe for a minute, with all of the super-technical e-mails I have
read on this list, that my question was too technical. I think instead it was
probably too mundane and basic for anyone to bother answering it, as my
discovered solution suggested.

And by merely stating my opinion I have a "demanding attitude?" Awwww; are we
beyond criticism? Criticism that, with all of the responses I have received
to my COMPLAINT as opposed to the one in three days regarding my initial
question, seems to have been proven as true?

Look, I have stated my objection, and I think that I have made my case.

I am very fond of this list. As a loyal Newton user since 1994, I appreciate
that I am truly not alone in my obsession. I was just amazed when an on-topic
question, one that was being discussed in a thread at the time I posed my
inquiry, was ignored (save one kind response regarding how to obtain a wifi meter).

I am done with this thread; thanks for the responses & input,

Craig W.

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