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From: Rhonda Hyslop (
Date: Mon Nov 01 2004 - 07:28:44 PST

* Robert Benschop <> [ 1 Nov 2004 04:46]:
> On 1-nov-04, at 13:36, matt wrote:
> > The problem is a bunch of my notes have sketches and ink text in
> > there, and I'd really like to be able to print them out, but I don't
> > have an IRDA printer, and the import from NCU puts things into RTF,
> > which leaves out all of my lovely drawings. Which are the 'meat' of
> > most of my notes...
> Are you sure that NCU doesn't bring the sketches and ink over? I
> remember I used to export lots of stuff eons ago, AFAIR I used either
> NCU or NBU and opened it with WordPerfect on my Mac.
> We're talking 'way back when' here though, probably OS 7.5 days...

I've exported as RTF notes that had insane mixtures of text, ink text,
shapes, and sketches - also class notes. They exported just fine, and
all the drawings showed up in the right place relative to the text. I
thought they hadn't at first, because I checked them on - SimpleText
maybe? - which can do formatted text but doesn't support RTF images.
(I'm used to it being all or nothing - unformatted text and no images,
or formatted text and images.) Then I tried it on a word processor with
full support for RTF images, ClarisWorks I think. AppleWorks, MS Word on
both Mac and Windows, and OpenOffice on Linux showed the images just
fine as well.

The only gotcha I found was that my Newt had a limit to how many notes
it could export at once - I'm betting it's a heap limitation. For me, it
worked out to a 1MB RTF file as output. Rather than select everything
and then look for where it got cut off, I exported one week's worth of
notes for one class at a time, which was under 1MB.


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