Re: [NTLK] LunaSuite Source Code - Can I get it anywhere else?

From: Scot McSweeney-Roberts (
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 06:02:35 PST

Matt Lichtenberg wrote:

>As our good friend Greg Goodwin pointed out, the LunaTech website
>( says that the

>repository, it throws up errors along the lines of 'Repository does
>not exist'. Has anyone had better luck than I? If not, does anyone
>have copies of the LunaTech sources and scripts?

I've given it a try, but I get the same error. Maybe the developers
haven't been able to do a proper import of the source as it says on the
home page (dated June 24, 2002). If that's the case, lunatech may be the
only people with a copy.


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