Re: [NTLK] will backup but won't export...

From: Michael Blazer (
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 13:02:23 PST

Quoting Rhonda Hyslop <>:

> I just seem to be having all kinds of problems all at once...
> So, I got NCU working over appletalk and it backed up my newt just fine,
> and that's all good. So now, I want to export a measly three notes to my
> computer, and all I get is an error (-1) and my newton closes Dock.


Not sure if this will do everything you want, but you could try nSync at:
<>. Looks like the TextSync plugins still has
some major limitations, but maybe JournalSync would do the trick, assuming you can get
the text out MacJournal fairly easily.

I haven't tried those particular plugins, but I've used the main program to sync Names
with Mac OS X (10.2.6), and I've found the connection to be quite solid and fast over
ethernet, WiFi, and serial.


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