Re: [NTLK] WiFi (please help me!)

Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 16:46:14 PST

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>Also, I installed Hiroshi's driver from his website. I go through thes
>steps on the first page I mention but I get hung up, whenever I'm in owner
>info and editing a worksite and I click the add button, 802.11b WaveLAN
>Setup is not there. I know the driver is working to some extent cause after
>I loaded it when I dropped in the wifi card one light would go on for a few
>seconds and the other would blink, which didn't happen before.
>Unfortunately, I don't know what this problem is or how to fix it... please

802.11 wavelan setup is accessed when the card info pops up, when the card is

If it does not, try using the "card" button in the extras drawer...

Failing that -- and I had it happen to me -- try resetting the Newton.

Craig W.
Newton 2100

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